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Yes we long for nethergarde wow gold know

  • I concur with you when I played vanilla, it was an accomplishment and I hope they don't place in a wow token in the game, but from a business standpoint they will need to make money and micro trades provide instant cash to get a company.i hope they don't place it in but that I would be very surprised if it's not in the game.I hope they don't either.

    In the event the WoW Classic staff knows their target audience, they would not add it. Yes, I agree that in the brief run it would be rewarding, but in the long term, it might drive subscribers down, therefore, be less profitable.wow classic gold traditional Gold would only be devalued on the auction house, (items would sell for longer, as long as the distribution remains constant). Vendors would remain the same. I'm one of many who isn't inclined to snore and farm hours at one time anymore (26, ahem) so would find a moderate degree of wow tokens to take the edge off. But however the market works, Tea Thyme is realistic, and speaks fair. Back in the day you might buy whole reports on eBay, therefore already had retail such as potentials.

    Yes we long for nethergarde wow gold know we won't get a 100.0percent replica Vanilla however adding a token and other changes he would like to see isn't likely to help getting closer to it. I mean I am an adult now also as you know with family and such, having limited time to perform compared to earlier. I could be one of those who would welcome ezmode and adjustments since

    I consider myself as a (severe ) casual. Guess what, NOT occurring with me since when I do play the the game I need a good gaming experience without all the **** holding, silver plattern and faceroll things that we have in retail and a number of other online games now. This alone is a really good reason we long for WoW Classic and keep it"pure".